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About S.A. Wilson’s & Our Refined Coffee Enema Blend

As one of the founders of an organic coffee roasting company, one of my responsibilities was to research the different organic coffees available. Looking to find the highest quality organic beans that would offer the varying tastes required to achieve the different blends we wanted to offer. Now without going into a lengthy lesson on coffee, the taste of coffee is made up of many different elements. For example, the acidity and the caffeine content can have quite a lot to do with the taste of a cup of coffee. The amount of these elements can vary greatly from one country to the next.

While attending trade shows for various organic conferences and health shows, I was surprised by the number of people inquiring about organic coffee for enema use. Since at the time I had never heard of this practice I began to research the subject. The works of Dr. William D. Kelley, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and , of course, Dr. Max Gerson became my daily diet of information. The history, the substantial benefits and most of all what elements in coffee enemas produced what effects in the human body. It was at this time that I began to dwell on the idea of making a coffee blend that would be higher in the elements that would produce a superior coffee enema.

Drawing on my previous knowledge of how different coffees from different parts of the world were higher in certain elements. I began to from the basis of a blend of coffee for enema use. Not long after this, while attending a local health show, I met some people from the Consumer Health Organization of Canada and discussed some of my theories of making a special blend of coffee for enemas. Showing a great deal of interest, Consumer Health supplied the names of some people who would be willing to try out the new blend.

At this time, and with the encouragement of Consumer Health, I began to refine my enema blend. Selecting a blend of organic beans that would be higher in the elements that had been shown to have the greatest benefits for liver detoxification and pain reduction. It was also at this time that I developed the somewhat radical preparation of the coffee beans themselves. The special roasting/cooling/infusion process that resulted from this research enabled me to have the coffee beans (that have been processed this way) retain far more of the prime elements in the bean.

I was extremely happy with the results of the very first tests. People were reporting huge differences between my Gold Roast Coffee and whatever coffee they had been using previously. “Easier to retain”, “more effective at pain reduction” and “less harsh” were comments I heard time and again. Shortly after hearing what people thought and realizing I was on the right track with this blend, I resigned my position with the Coffee Company I was with. This enabled me to focus all my efforts into s.a. Wilson’s Gold Roast Coffee.

I also realized that a great deal of my time would be spent on education. Because of the special process I use to prepare the beans it leaves them with a much lighter color than anyone is accustomed to seeing. The coffee prepared this way also has a rather different aroma, almost that of peanuts. One of the reasons coffee is roasted darker and very dark, especially for cappuccinos and espressos is for flavor. The first thing I tell new users is that we are not buying this coffee for its taste, now are we? In fact the coffee, while drinkable tastes a lot more like tea than coffee. Considering all these things, I was sure people would be a little unsettled about what they had purchased at first. After all coffee processed this way doesn’t look, smell or taste like any coffee they have seen before. Knowing this I had to make it very easy for people to contact me with any questions, so I opened the www.sawilsons.com website and added a toll free phone number to make myself accessible to users with questions.

These assurances I have given people that what they have received is 100% certified organic coffee with higher levels of the active ingredients they are seeking for a more effective coffee enema have been supported by independent laboratory tests. These tests indicate the s.a.Wilson’s Gold Roast Coffee has higher levels of ingredients that a commercially available light/medium roast organic coffee. Up to 87% higher!!

I will always strive to improve my Gold Roast Coffee as I realize that the people who use my coffee are depending on it to do much more that give them a little wake up with their breakfast in the morning. Also after talking to the many people using my coffee and hearing the financial burden following an alternative health care program puts them under, every effort is made to keep the price of my coffee as inexpensive as possible if not the least expensive organic product available to them.