• 1 Lbs. Manco Capac Peruvian Dark - WUS201
  • 1 Lbs. Manco Capac Peruvian Dark - WUS201
  • 1 Lbs. Manco Capac Peruvian Dark - WUS201
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    Our Peruvian Dark Roast is a uniquely bright and airy, Full bodied coffee that is smooth with a gentle sweetness. This rich fragrant blend is deep brown in colour and diverse and rounded in flavour with hints of citrus and floral notes. Delightfully balanced yet exotic. Certified Organic, Mold Free, Purchased from small co-ops

    The Story

    Manco Capac was the mythical founder of the Inca Empire. Believed to have been the son of Inti, the Sun God and Mama Quilla, Goddess of the Moon, he, according to legend, was sent to Earth to forge a civilized city where humans could evolve and flourish. Out from the Underworld he rose armed with his golden staff to lead him to paradise, he trekked through the Andes mountains and valleys. When he had found the most beautiful valley he had ever seen, he thrust his staff into the ground and when it sunk into the fertile, rich soil he knew he had found his empire, the city of Cuzco. It was here he gathered together the barbaric people of the Earth and taught them language, religion and brought about social structure. He showed them fire, taught them farming and how to make tools as well as textiles and art. The Inca Empire, until it was destroyed in 1532 by Spanish conquerors, included approximately 12 million people and covered more than 4000 kilometers across Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Whether Manco Capac ever lived or his story is purely folklore, the sophisticated civilization of the Inca Empire is considered by Historians to have been the earliest, most developed in the Americas.