Coffee beans before they are roasted are naturally green in color.

Because of our unique method of processing the coffee, we do not burn out all of that green color. The dark color of normally roasted beans is caused by the beans being burnt in the roasting process. Unfortunately this also burns out much of the very things we are looking for in a good enema coffee!

In some cases a batch of Gold Roast Coffee will have a naturally occurring higher level of Chlorogenic Acid which our process did not burn out. While this will turn the coffee a darker green it is quite good for you

Here is a brief description for Chlorogenic Acid taken from

“Chlorogenic acid, the ester of caffeic acid with quinic acid, is found in high concentrations in coffee. Chlorogenic acid and its related compounds exhibit activities in extensive biological profiles such as antidiabetic effect, DNA protective effect, and neuroprotective effect. Moreover, chlorogenic acid also shows inhibitory activity against hepatitis B virus (HBV) in vivo and in vitro. As an antioxidant, chlorogenic acid and its hydrolysates also possess liver protectionactivity and suppress carcinogenesis, which may also contribute to the therapeutic action toward chronic HBV infection. In addition, three isoforms of chlorogenic acid derived from traditional Chinese medicine show potent suppressive effect on HBV.”